PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND PUBLIC SERVICES

This pole is directed by Stéphane de la Rosa, Law Professor at University of Valenciennes


The Public Procurement and Public Services pole aims at creating a network of experts and understanding the evolution of EU Law through the application of internal market rules and competition law on Public Procurement and Public Services Law. It aims at analysing its effects on the cooperation between public authorities and on the different forms of public-private partnerships.

Stéphane Rodrigues teaches different aspects of European Union law (Internal market rules, EU public finances, …) in various Master of law degrees of the Sorbonne Law School. He is the author of several books and publications, mainly in the field of the EU law related to services of (economic) general interest and to public procurement rules (http://centre-unioneurop.univ-paris1.fr/">http://centre-unioneurop.univ-paris1.fr).

He is the co-editor of the “Public sector” section of the French competition review called “Concurrences”.
 (http://www.concurrences.com/cv.php3?id_auteur=156&lang=en">http://www.concurrences.com/cv.php3?id_auteur=156&lang=en )

He is also a member of the Paris Bar, established at the Brussels’ Bar. He was a legal expert in the field of social services of general interest (SSGI) for the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (July-December 2010).


Bettinger Christian, Avocat, Bettinger & Associés

Breen Emmanuel, Avocat, Olswang France LLP

Brunet Pierre, Professeur, Université Paris X

Cagniart Marc, Notaire

Cimadevilla Marie-Christine, Avocat

Comandé Giovanni, Professeur, Université Sant'Anna (Italie)

Corneloup Vincent, Avocat, DSC Avocats

De La Rosa Stéphane, Professeur, Université de Valenciennes

Deroin Frédéric, Responsable des affaires européennes et réglementaires

Dreyfus Jean-David, Professeur, Université Paris-Dauphine

Grall Jean-Christophe, Avocat, Cabinet Grall & Associés

Huglo Christian, Avocat, Huglo Lepage & Associés Conseil

Lombard Martine, Professeur, Université Paris II

Noguellou Rozen, Professeur, Université de Nantes

Pisani Christian, Notaire

Robin Florence, Chargée de mission, EDF

Rodrigues Stéphane, Maître de conférences, Université Paris I

SCP Monod-Colin, Avocat au Conseil, SCP Monod-Colin

Sontag Katja, Maître de conférences, Université de Nice

Vogel Louis, Professeur, Université Paris II

Warusfel Bertrand, Professeur, Université Lille II