Welcome to Trans Europe Experts website !


Trans Europe Experts (TEE) is an association that was created in 2009 by five French legal 

academics who have a particular interest in Europe and realized the growing importance of 

“experts” for the European institutions.


Trans Europe Experts aims at providing a network contributed to by various French and 

international universities, legal practitioners, politicians, economists and representatives of 

NGOs and other organizations, etc. It encourages the active participation of everyone in the 

elaboration of European law. 


Trans Europe Experts intends to promote the active participation of French experts, along 

with their European colleagues, in the discussions taking place in Europe, through a federative 

structure that permits coordinated, reactive and dynamic action.  


Trans Europe Experts is composed of a large range of identified visible experts and 

constitutes an influential network enabling these experts to play a real part in the legal 

orientations taken in Europe. 

The association Trans Europe Experts is open to everyone, join us!


Founders of Trans Europe Experts: Carole Aubert de Vincelles, Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Denis Mazeaud , Catherine Prieto et Judith Rochfeld.